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Paper on Edge

By Stacy

This is Stacy’s  digital space for her paper quilling. It’s paper on edge. It’s paper with heart. 

Paper Quilling

For centuries, people have been quilling. Nuns used gilded edges of bibles to create scrollwork. I began quilling in 2013 when some neighbors formed a Pinterest Craft Club. I had never heard of quilling. It felt like a portable craft. In 2019, I challenged myself to quill every day. I created my heart project. Quilling traveled with me to Alaska, South Dakota, Iowa and to Georgia where we moved. After a decade of  cutting, rolling,  shaping, and gluing paper strips, I still enjoy the process of creating something new from shredded paper.


2019 Quilling Challenge

Qulling Challenge in Numbers

Days of quilling

Vacations & House Hunting Trips

House Packing & Moving

Months of House Renovation

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