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Bomb Cyclone | March 13, 2019 | Card stock strips

We survived a Colorado Blizzard on March 13.

The interior of the heart has some blue in honor of Colorado State Trooper Corporal Daniel Groves, who died while assisting motorists in the blizzard.

The rest of the heart has white strips along with a few black strips. In the blizzard, it was a sea of white with a few shadows.

The houses across the street were a shadow during the blizzard.

Snow in blizzard form is so dangerous. Many of my neighbors became stranded around town. I read reports of 1,100 plus being stranded around Colorado Springs.

Streets in our neighborhood became parking lots as people couldn’t see in the white out conditions plus drivers couldn’t understand the depth of the snow drifts. The snow drifts were crazy.

Thankfully, my family was able to stay home throughout the storm. We had snow drifts a foot high in front of our garage over a layer of ice.

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