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September 2019 Hearts

Wow, the family survived the house hunting, packing, traveling, house selling, etc. that was September!

I kept quilling each day during all the travel — flying and car.

My sister’s family is letting us crash with them for a little bit as we wait to purchase our home here in Georgia.

I’ll let you know in October, if I planned my supplies properly for the transition as our “stuff” is in storage. Once we purchase our home, we’ll have a few updates to complete, but we’re moving ahead as quickly as we can.

Rolling along — Stacy

August 2019 Hearts

Another month, another assortment of quilled hearts.

This month, I found a portrait project to attempt. So, I used several hearts to practice folding strips.

A life change this month included a firm job offer to move. I managed to quill while getting the house on the market. We’ve been anticipating this for months. The result — we were still rushing with last minute details.

September will be an added challenge as we take a house hunting trip, pack up a house, wrap up loose ends/commitments, visit family as we travel cross country, begin a new school, and settle in at our final destination.

In addition to packing the items we’ll need until we are settled, I have to decide how much quilling material I’ll need until I’m reunited with all my paper stash.

For now, I’m still rolling! — Stacy

July 2019 Hearts

I continued my daily challenge. I stuck with hearts this month.

I used a variety of techniques this month. I kept rolling through a variety of home projects and a week in Ketchikan, Alaska. Travel days were the most difficult to find time.

My July 4 shape remained unfinished.

Lots of rolling this month. — Stacy

May 2019 Hearts

May is always a busy month. I’ve continued to make a new heart each day.

On May 8, I created more than 20 bouquets of flowers for Teacher Appreciation notes.

It’s always fun to look at the whole month at one time. I used a lot of “scraps” — extra pieces — from past projects this month. Now … I’ll roll into June.

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