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Holy Week pieces

Holy Week pieces

I created and submitted a few quilling pieces for my church’s Art Exhibit on display during Holy Week.

They graciously displayed them with many other paintings, photographs, and mixed media work.

There are so many talented people at our church. I’m in awe every time there is an exhibit.

2019 Quilling Compilation

Well, I did it.

I created something every day this year.

I compiled all my work into a video.

Here’s the 2019 Compilation

I tried to make it fast. As you can tell, some days were more detailed than others. I had several UFOs — Unfinished Objects — especially during our move to another state and house renovation.

I thought I would make an intricate heart for my last day of the year, but I have the flu AGAIN and my energy level is not feeling intricate.

A few thoughts:

  • Each project measures 4×6 inches. I knew I would not be able to sustain larger works on a daily basis.
  • On most days, I created everything from scratch. Other days, I used pieces and shapes left over from previous projects.
  • Glue: surprisingly I used around four bottles of glue. While some day’s photos look a little wet, you really don’t have to use that much glue.
  • A $20 pasta maker cut most of 1/4 inch strips of card stock or text weight paper.
  • I tried use the materials already on hand. I bought a little bit of paper and purchased additional 4×6 art boards for the project.
  • My comfort grip on my slotted tool disintegrated around October. 🙂
  • I quilled during four vacations to Alaska, South Dakota, and two trips to Georgia.
  • Paper is stronger than you expect, but it can still get crushed in a suitcase.
  • I quilled every day during our move from Colorado to Georgia including house showings, house hunting trips, packing up our home, and traveling by car from Colorado to Georgia.
  • I also continued the project while living with family and renovating our house.
  • I had an alarm on my phone for 9:30 p.m. every night to remind me to finish my heart each day.
  • I thought I would use the pieces for Christmas cards, but the cost to mail and the time involved (after our move) didn’t make this feasible in 2019.
  • I gave away only one in this daily project, because a friend said she liked it. I have all the other pieces and will figure out what to do with them in 2020.
  • I gave aways several quilling pieces I made in addition to my daily project. So, technically, some days I made more than one project.
  • I spoke to an elementary school group about quilling. They were so excited and displayed some of my work.
  • I really appreciate my family’s support throughout this project and everyone’s encouragement.

Vision Board

Vision Board

2019 Vision Board |January and February 2019 | Text and Card Stock Strips

Some neighbors discussed making vision boards in January. So, I decided to quill one for my office.

Red and Gold

Red and Gold

Red and Gold | Jan. 23, 2019 | Text weight paper strips

I used a border buddy tool to make these circles. The idea is to be more consistent with the size. I saw this pattern used to make earrings, so why not put it in a heart?



Sunflower-ish | January 17, 2019 | Shredder strips | Crimped | Cardstock

I cut cardstock strips several different ways. This was cut with an electric shredder that doesn’t crosscut. The edge has a texture from the blades. 

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