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Lola Shapes The Sky

Lola Shapes The Sky

On March 12, I received a copy of my friend Wendy Greenley’s book Lola Shapes The Sky.

It’s a lovely story about a young cloud Lola, who doesn’t always conform to the cloud norms. Wendy’s words are perfectly paired with illustrations by Paolo Domeniconi.

Wendy shared the story about her book at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. This post includes a picture of a quilled item I made for Wendy.

Lola | March 12, 2019 | card stock strips and bleeding tissue paper

I used my March 12 heart for another Lola project, because I was excited about the publication of Wendy’s book.

For a writer, holding a REAL book is such a thrill. For a critique partner of a published writer, it’s a wonderful thrill to see your friend’s hard work in its finished form.

I’m very proud of Wendy and the work writers of all genres do to share their stories with readers.

I hope you have fun reading this week!

I used bleeding tissue paper to create some color in the background.
I still struggle to create bold enough word. Here’s the word Lola, before she was surround by cloud strips.

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