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Heart Project: 365-day Challenge

When I ran across a book by Noah Scalin called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life! I decided to try something similar.

I decided to quill something each day. I’m a writer and am pantsing this project at the moment. In other words, I began without a plan.

At first, I wanted to see what I can make in 30 minutes. I quickly realized, if I stuck to that rule — I would have 365 UFOs: Unfinished Objects.

To avoid the UFOs, I loosened up my rules.

For January (and who knows maybe all of 2019), I’m working with a few (loose) guidelines:

  • 4×6-inch base: pre-cut, random cardboard, card stock paper
  • Fill heart shape
  • Use variety of papers: text and card stock weight, junk mail, catalogs
  • Cut my own papers and use quilling papers I’ve purchased over the years.
  • Use shapes from previous UFOs (aka random shapes I made for a project, but never used in a project).
  • Share the work, no matter how I feel about the final product.
  • If I want to repeat a pattern, that’s cool.
  • It’s my project and my rules.

I’ll most likely be a “plotter” for this project as time passes, especially when I travel. I’ll need to make sure I have supplies when I venture from home whether by car, plane, or on a camping trip.

Quilling is a very portable craft and requires a tiny footprint for work. So, here’s to a project filled with heart.

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